Frequently Asked Questions

How many images can Pixel Grinder process in one go?

We have tested Pixel Grinder on batches of over 2,500 images – some of which contained very large photos (over 12 MegaPixels). We have not put any limits in place and so Pixel Grinder should be able to handle batches up to tens of thousands of images if necessary. You may be waiting some time for your Mac to process that many images however!

Are you actively supporting and improving Pixel Grinder?

Pixel Grinder is still a new product and, as such, we are constantly working to improve Pixel Grinder in any way that we can. Beyond being mindful of any bugs that arise in it’s usage, we’re always interested any additional feature suggestions that our users have. If you would like to suggest any additional features for Pixel Grinder, please do get in touch with us through ourĀ product page.